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We currently run two groups on a Sunday morning that both delve into the Bible to learn about God’s word and how it can be applied to our lives. We play games, share food and stories together and pray together.

This all takes place during the 10:30 service with our Ignite group, for school years 6-8, meeting in Crabb Hall; and our Awake group, for years 9-13, congregating in the foyre and going down to 57 where we meet.


Straight after school until 6pm, we run ‘Homework and Hang Out’. Come down to Church to catch up on your homework in our silent study rooms, grab a hot chocoloate or challenge your friends to a game of table tennis or FIFA on our X-box!

From 6-8pm, we move into our ‘Going Deeper’. we have dinner together sharing life together. Following this we will run our 'Going Deeper' service, where we will have worship a short talk and a time going deeper into God's presence and learning more about Him, what he says about us and how we can be exactly who he created us to be!




Youth alive is a group we run every Friday for those in Secondary School, which is an opportunity for young people to come together spend time hanging out, eating snacks and playing games. There is no formal plan for the evening, we just see it as an opportunity to end the week having fun.

We also plan a number of trips and outings that run during this team so look our for the different activities that will be running each term. Information about these can be found on our instagram page or by signing up to hear from the team.