Playing our part in the spiritual and social transformation of Tunbridge Wells and beyond
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In the mid 1990’s, Christ Church was facing an uncertain future.  The 19th century building was deteriorating beyond economic repair and with the need to close one or more of the towns’ several churches (due to declining numbers), Christ Church was a prime candidate.  However neither the church authorities nor the town planners had reckoned on the faith and perseverance of the then Vicar, John Banner, and the modestly-sized congregation at the time!  

Despite endless setbacks and a near halving of the original budget, Christ Church was eventually re-built and consecrated in 1997.  Though still small in numbers, a growing openness to renewal and the ministry of the Holy Spirit led to a resurgence of spiritual life and rediscovery of the mission to which it was called.


Today Christ Church is an Anglican church, situated in the centre of Tunbridge Wells.  We are part of the Tunbridge Wells Deanery and the Diocese of Rochester.

We are a growing, transforming, disciple-making community for Tunbridge Wells; encountering God’s presence; pursuing His purpose for our lives and those we love and inviting people to encounter Jesus through our love, worship, compassion and hospitality.  Christ Church is a place people call ‘home’.  Here people find hope, healing and friends who will walk with them through life’s challenges.  Here we discover our gifts and calling and find others who share our passions so that together we can bring God’s love to others.  

Our theological stance is evangelical and our style is contemporary and unfussy.   Our services reflect the importance we place on contemporary sung corporate worship, life-shaping Bible-based teaching, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit as He brings the transforming power of Christ into our lives.   


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Our values express the characteristics that we want to define everything we do. They describe the kind of people we want to become and our attitude towards others.  They are key to shaping our practical witness. 

Worship: Our first duty and joy above all – to love God and be loved by Him.
Growing: Expecting the gospel message to bear fruitful growth in every area.
Generosity: ‘Going the extra mile’; giving of our time, energy and money with thankful hearts, trusting that God will supply our needs.
Compassion: Being a welcoming community to both friend and stranger – not just to our church, but to our homes, lives and our faith.
Empowering: Aware of our need to be constantly filled with God’s power to do His mission; helping others to discern and live in their calling.
Collaboration: Working in partnership with other churches and agencies to promote a town-wide expression of God’s Kingdom.
Creativity: Celebrating and giving prophetic voice to God’s presence in the world through the creative arts.
Authenticity: Recognising that God can work through our vulnerability and weaknesses, without the need for ‘show’ or pretence.


In February 2019 we produced a booklet containing the vision we felt God had been sharing with us as a church family. It is a vision of what we want to do as a church, but also of who we want to become.

To read our Church vision booklet in full CLICK HERE

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