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Local impact

We love our town and community and want to share God’s blessing as widely as possible.  We are called to be ‘a city set on a hill’ – a beacon of hope for those who come, but also ‘the salt of the earth’ – sharing our faith through practical expressions of love.   

We are called to extend the love of God to the marginalised in our community and work to communicate the good news of Jesus in our town and beyond.

Global outreach

The church seeks to empower and resource individuals and groups with vision for mission work, both home and away.

We have a number of mission partners based in Tunbridge Wells and across the world whose work we support with organisations including WEC, People International, Compassion, Oasis, Street Kids Direct, Crosslinks, CMS, Hospices of Hope, Life and Soul (Tun Wells), Open Doors, YFC (Tun Wells).

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Churches for Tunbridge Wells

Christ Church is an active members of this network of churches in Tunbridge Wells. The ministers and leaders of the churches meet regularly to pray and together we support several initiatives in the town such as Street Pastors and the Winter Shelter.

Street Pastors

Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors are volunteers from all the local churches who go out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening to take care of those out on the streets and be a blessing to people.  They work out of Christ Church due to our very central location, with Prayer Pastors remaining here until about 4am to pray!

This ministry is just one example of how we are committed to being an active part of a unified wider church and Christian community in Tunbridge Wells.


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Tunbridge Wells Churches Winter Shelter

The Winter Shelter is another collaborative venture by local churches, geared towards offering Christian hospitality to homeless people including those living on the streets. This hospitality is more than just tea and sympathy, more than a bed and safe shelter for the night, as it seeks to include help to rebuild lives and offer the opportunity to 'move on'. Christ Church hosts on Wednesday nights during January and February.