Our building and spaces


Right on the high street in the middle of busy Tunbridge Wells, we are happy to have an accessible, modern space that welcomes many from the community each week. From ballet classes, and toddler groups, to business workshops and local lunches, hundreds of people use Christ Church during the week.


Some of our spaces are hireable – please contact the office if you have an enquiry.



Our modern Christ Church complex was opened in September 1997, replacing the old Victorian church on the same site in the High Street.  The only parts of the old church incorporated into the new were three Burne-Jones stained glass windows in the Sanctuary.  Two new stained glass windows have been added subsequently, showing missionary work in Rwanda and Central America supported by the church family.  The Parish encompasses the main shopping centre, business centre, and local government in Tunbridge Wells. There is also a second church building in the Parish, Holy Trinity, built in 1828 to a design by Decimus Burton which is leased out by the Diocese to Trinity Arts Centre. Originally these churches were closely linked; now Christ Church is the Parish church officially called “Holy Trinity with Christ Church.”