About Us

church-outsideChrist Church is a thriving Anglican church, which meets on the high street, right in the heart of the town of Tunbridge Wells. We are a passionate, loving community, drawn from across the town and beyond, with an exciting vision and clear sense that we are on a journey towards a deeper sense of God’s presence and greater participation in His mission. We believe God wants to meet each one of us, and shower love and blessing upon us like a loving father to his children. We know that life doesn’t always go to our plan, but we believe that God is above all things – always faithful, always merciful, always loving. Our community is full of stories of God’s love and faithfulness, no matter what life brings.

As a church we are committed to living out our purpose which we believe is rooted in Isaiah 61 and the call of God to His people to be ‘embracing freedom and setting others free’. We recognise the need to challenge ourselves and our community by embracing God’s transforming power, and change our mindset from comfort to journeying with God.


Here comes the theological nitty-gritty….

Our gatherings and our theology could be described as informal and charismatic evangelical, although a wide-range of Christian backgrounds and theological persuasions are represented in our congregation (from unchurched to conservative evangelicals, to liberal theologians, Baptists, free church, and Catholics). Our services reflect the importance we place on informal sung corporate worship, impactful Bible-based teaching, and the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives, as well as the role of liturgy in drawing us together in one breath.